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Portable Booth

MICBOOTH-911  / Portable Stand-In BOOTH W/ Light 80" High


MICBOOTH-911 360 /Portable Stand-In Vocal Booth w/ Light & w/ Rear Encloser


MICBOOTH-911 XL /Portable Stand-In Vocal Booth Big 2' x 4'


Portable Microphone Studio Voice Booth Isolation Box


Compact Studio Microphone Isolation Shield with Sound Portable Vocal Booth


Microphone Shield Isolation Screen Reflection Filter Portable Vocal Booth


MICBOOTH-911 / Portable Stand-In Vocal Booth for Travel w/ (BONUS) Light


Budget Microphone Shield Isolation Reflection Filter Screen Portable Vocal Booth


Arrowzoom Portable Microphone Booth Studio Recording Vocal Isolation Foam Box


Pyle Mini Portable Vocal Recording Booth - Universal Standard Microphone with Is


SnapRecorder Portable Recording Booth


sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X Portable Vocal Booth


Portable Vocal Booth For Isolation Recording Podcasts Singing Rapping Travel




Portable Stand-In Vocal Booth for Travel




Auralex MAX-Wall 1141VB Portable Vocal Booth, Purple


PORTABLE VOCAL BOOTH With Mic Stand Sound Proof Podcast Rap Sing Record Vocals


ISOVOX 2 Portable Vocal Studio/Booth Home Recording With Mic, Stand


Auralex MudGuard II Portable Vocal Booth Acoustic Isolator


Open Box Primacoustic Flexi-Booth Grey Acoustic Treatment Portable Vocal Shield


Auralex MAX-Wall 1141vb Portable Vocal Booth - Complete Acoustical Environment


Portable vocal booth ( podcasting/voiceover/ singing )


sE Electronics Space Reflexion Filter Portable Microphone Vocal Booth


sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO Portable Vocal Booth


SE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO Portable Vocal Booth


Mobile Recording Booth  I  Portable Sound Booth  I  Acoustic foam Isolation


Portable Reflection Filter Shield Microphone Vocal Booth Isolation Silver


Portable Reflection Filter Shield Microphone Vocal Booth Isolation Gold


Post Audio ARF-42 Reflection Filter & Portable Vocal Booth Free 2 Day Shipping


Post Audio ARF-27 V.3 Folding Portable Vocal Booth & Reflexion Filter Free Ship


New sE Electronics RF Pro RF-Pro BLACK Reflexion Filter Portable Vocal Booth


Talent VB1 Folding Portable Vocal Booth


SE Electronics REFLEXION FILTER PRO Portable Recording Studio VOCAL BOOTH


Reflection Filter Portabl Microphone Vocal Booth/Pro audio Isolation Shield WOOD